Wheelchair Poncho: A Winter Necessity for Wheelchair Users

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Winter Wheelchair Poncho
My new CareActive winter poncho

Winters are challenging for wheelchair users for many reasons.  Winter coats and garb, believe it or not, is one of those challenges.  Many of us with Cerebral Palsy and other physical disabilities find it difficult to slide our arms into coat sleeves.

There is also the extra effort on the part of caregiver to get our coats around us in a seated position.  I know winter is extra hard on my mom’s shoulders and back!  This Christmas, I received a gift that really is a game changer!!  A winter wheelchair poncho!!


I received the CareActive Wheelchair Winter Poncho and I love it!  It is has a soft Sherpa lining and a waterproof Supplex outer shell.

My wheelchair poncho is oversized and fits over my wheelchair without getting caught in the wheels.  It even covers my controller to prevent it from getting wet.  The wheelchair poncho is hooded and the hood also has the soft and warm Sherpa lining.


I have used it several times since I received it.  Getting ready to go out has never been easier!  The wheelchair poncho literally takes 5 seconds to put on and I am ready to roll.

I no longer have to endure the torture of having my arms pulled and stretched, trying to get them through stiff sleeves.  My back is spared the pulling and twisting also!  There is no struggling with the zipper either!



Controllers on power chairs are not supposed to get wet.  That can be difficult in Wisconsin winters.  It is also quite difficult, and for me impossible, to hold an umbrella when driving!  If I had to hold an umbrella while driving, massive destruction is a sure thing!

The CareActive Wheelchair Winter Poncho actually covers my controller if needed!  No more panicking if I forget to bring along a plastic bag to cover my controller!  No more worrying about massive destruction or running over the holder of the umbrella! The wheelchair poncho protects not only myself from the elements, but my ride as well!


I happen to be one of those people with mild sensory issues.  Even as a little kid, I never cared to wear gloves or mittens.  My hands are affected by cerebral palsy and getting my fingers into a glove is nearly impossible, not to mention extremely time consuming.

Mittens are easier, but I still am not a fan of having my hands covered.  Using my controller with mittens is very challenging and I would almost rather to not wear anything at all.  The wheelchair poncho covers my hands to keep them warm and dry without the struggle of gloves and mittens.


I have not been outside in below freezing weather yet with my wheelchair poncho.  However, I have used my wheelchair poncho in tem­peratures as low as the teens.  I was warm enough wearing a long sleeved shirt or sweater under my wheelchair poncho.  I do wear a winter cap under the hood, as the wind can still be cold on my ears.


The CareActive Winter Wheelchair Poncho can be purchased on Amazon.com, along with other brands as well.  Wheelchair ponchos can cost anywhere from $30 to $175.  The CareActive Winter Wheelchair Poncho is priced at $43.84 on Amazon.com.  I do not think you have to spend more than $50.00 for a quality wheelchair poncho.

When choosing a wheelchair poncho, make sure to get one that is waterproof and will keep you dry.  The wheelchair poncho should be designed to not get stuck in your wheels, but should cover you fully.



I have to say that the only thing I do not like about my CareActive Winter Wheelchair Poncho is that it is available in only pink or navy blue.  Given the choice, I would pick the navy blue as I received.  However, I fear that I may be mistaken for a Chicago Bears fan!!  I am hoping that CareActive comes out with wheelchair poncho in a respectable Packer Green!!


Until next time, Keep Rollin’ and Keep Smilin’

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