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If you are a new reader, Welcome!  If you were a reader of my blog on Blogger, Welcome Back!  I switched blog sites because while taking classes on blogging I found this to be a better blog site to meet my goals.

Let me take the time to introduce myself or re-introduce myself.  My name is Hunter Kelch and I am a 23 year old man living with Cerebral Palsy, a movement disorder.  My CP was a result of an infection shortly after my premature birth.  I have lived my entire life in a wheelchair.  I am considered a quadriplegic. I live in my own apartment with the assistance of caregivers.  I have a cat named Sully, my little spider and fly killer.  I am working towards a goal of becoming a professional blogger.

This blog will continue to cover accessibility issues I face as a person using a wheelchair.  I will continue to visit local establishments and rate how they perform in providing accessibility to wheelchair users.  I hope to eventually expand my travels with this blog.  I will also discuss day to day life, it’s challenges and triumphs, as a disabled man.  I will review products that are designed to  assist those in wheelchairs.  By reviewing these products, I hope to help other people in my situation to avoid wasting time and money on products that don’t work.  I will also cover other disability related topics.  My mission is to help those with disabilities and to help able-bodied people understand the challenges of disabled individuals.  Or as I like to say, roll a mile in my chair…

 I would really appreciate feedback from my readers, topics you would find helpful, and any other question or comments.  This will help me be a better blogger.  Please continue to read and share my blog with other disabled and able-bodied people.  

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10 thoughts on “Welcome to my Renewed Blog!”

  1. I have read all you other blogs with great interest. You have become a great blogger. Keep up the great job. Now get blogging !

  2. Look forward to reading your reviews and insights. Can’t wait to share your blogs with the world!

  3. Well. It’s such a great stuff. Being disable does not mean that they can not live their lives properly. Its just its hard but not impossible. Inspiring stuff. You passion is amazing and admireable.

    1. Violet,
      Thank you for commenting on my blog. I hope you check out my other posts. Looking forward to hearing from you again in the future.

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