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My mom likes to motivate me and knows my love of food.  One of the ways to definitely set a fire under me is the promise of an outing that involves eating!  I told my mom I really wanted to go to Golden Corral in Plover and we set a goal.  Little did I know, my mom is not a fan of buffets!  However, she loves her son!

I actually hit my goal a lot sooner than she expected and off we went to the Golden Corral in Plover.  My mom’s friend Karen joined us.  This was an extra special treat because I have heard about Karen for many years and she has heard about me.  However, we have never met!  She is the most energetic and hilarious 67 year old I have ever met!  We talked and laughed all the way to Plover.

When we pulled up to the Golden Corral in Plover, the parking lot was not crowded and we were able to get a van accessible parking spot.  There 3 accessible spots right next to the building.  Two of the spots had van accessibility.  I did not need to go into the parking lot, which makes things much safer.  However, there was a tricky narrow spot due it an ill placed concrete trash can.  My wheels were about an inch away from the curb.  Considering my visual perception deficit, this could have been my final blog.  OK, that was a bit of an exaggeration, but you get the point!

The entrance into the Golden Corral in Plover consisted of double doors which were not automatic.  It was even trickier because it was not a straight through path.  As you entered into one door you had to immediately turn to the right to open the other door.  This posed a problem because my chair blocked the second door!  I had to do some maneuvering so the door could be opened. 

The line to the cashier at the Golden Corral in Plover was also tricky.  It was set up like a maze with sharp turns not made for my chair.  Although Jeff Foxworthy was there to keep us company.  OK another exaggeration…I failed to mention he was made of cardboard!  The cashier station was not very wheelchair friendly in height and my mom had to do the ordering for me.  Drinks were placed on a tray, which if I was alone could be a bit tricky.

At the Golden Corral in Plover, the table arrangement was accessible for the most part.  We were able to find a separate room that was relatively empty.  We put two tables together and my chair fit perfectly!  The server came right away and was very friendly. 

We then ventured out into the buffet wilderness.  There was so much to choose from at the Golden Corral in Plover.  The food labels were not offered in Braille and were not labeled Gluten Free.  I am grateful my mom pointed this out to me as I was too mesmerized by the miles of chow, I did not even see the labels.  I stopped to grab pork steak and chicken along with potatoes.  The next stop was the Taco bar! 

The food was delicious, especially for a buffet.  I returned for dessert.  There was not a lot of Gluten Free options for me, but I managed to find ice cream and chocolate dipped Rice Krispie bars.  I even grabbed a bag of cotton candy for the road!  I have not had cotton candy in who knows how many years.  It was just as I remembered, sugar high heaven!

Throughout our meal, our server at the Golden Corral in Plover checked on us.  She interacted with me as well as my mom and Karen.  I really appreciate when this happens.

Before we left, my mom checked out the bathrooms at the Golden Corral in Plover. They were multi-stalled gender specific bathrooms.  The accessible stall was not large enough to turn around within the stall in a wheelchair and not large enough for a caregiver to assist.  The sinks were accessible.  However, my mom reported that the bathroom was not really clean.  Cleanliness is very important for everyone, but for an individual with a disability and compromised immune system, it is vital.  In their defense we did come right after the lunch rush and this may explain the messiness. Gender specific multi-stall bathrooms really pose a problem for individuals with disabilities who have caregivers of the opposite sex.  Single, gender non-specific restrooms are ideal.

I had a great time and meal at Golden Corral in Plover.  This is a restaurant I will try to go to during non peak hours, as crowds would decrease the accessibility.  However, the value and experience will make me a return customer!

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Here is my rating for Golden Corral in Plover:

Food:  4 Wheelchair Stars: Great value and selection!

Accessibility: 3 Wheelchair Stars: Entrance and bathrooms could be improved.  Great accessible parking! 

Service: 4 Wheelchair Stars: Friendly and attentive server

Overall: 3.5 Wheelchair Stars: I will return!

Golden Corral

PLOVER, WI 544670000

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