Farold’s Famous Fruit Salad

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Farold's Famous Fruit Salad
Farold’s Famous Fruit Salad


When I reflect back on my childhood, there are many special memories.  Family gatherings were a huge part of my childhood.  My house would be filled with laughter, food and chaos.  On the table, my Grandma Farold’s famous fruit salad held a place of honor.


My Grandma Farold has taught me many lessons.  One of the most important lessons is to never lose your laughter.  Grandma Farold has had many challenges in her life.  She is the oldest of nine children and helped raise her younger brothers.  She had 5 children of her own, including a disabled son.  She was the sole caregiver for her husband for many years prior to his death.

My grandma recently fought and won her battle with cancer.  She worked throughout her treatment and kept her positive outlook.  It was hard to remember she was sick at times.  I admire the way my Grandma Farold approaches life and its challenges.


Farold Kelch
My grandmother, Farold, is famous for her fruit salad!


My grandma has famous dishes. My favorite dish is her famous fruit salad.  This sweet and creamy dish brings back many happy childhood memories.  It is filled with fresh bananas, apples and grapes.  Of course, it also highlights the sweets grandmas love to spoil their grandchildren with!

My Grandma handed down the recipe to me and my mom.  I will now carry on the tradition of having her famous fruit salad at every holiday dinner.  This will be a recipe that will be handed down for generations to come.What is your Grandma’s famous dish?

Until next time. Keep Rollin’ and Keep Smilin’


Farold’s Famous Fruit Salad


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2 thoughts on “Farold’s Famous Fruit Salad”

  1. Hi Hunter, how are you? It’s really nice to read your blog again. I don’t have wifi access for weeks! OMG :"D This post is so heartwarming. Your grandma is so gorgeous and positive. Will definitely try the recipe! My grandma also has "famous" dish, it called "opor". She served it when there’s a special occasion. Talk to you soon 🙂

    1. Thank you Indi! I hope your wifi situation improves!! I looked up opor and it looks like a dish I would enjoy. I might have my mom make it for me to try.

      Thank you for the compliments about my grandmother, she is Native American and from the Menominee Tribe. She does not seem to age! She is 76 years old! She is a special lady!

      Take care and talk to you soon!

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