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Hanging with the cows...
Hanging with the cows…

This past Saturday, I rolled into Marathon Park to enjoy the Wisconsin Valley Fair.  The weather was perfect, warm and sunny!  We were able to find handicapped parking, although some years we are not so lucky! I always try to attend this fair every year because of my love of music, animals and fair food! 

Getting an extra boost into the animal exhibit!
Getting an extra boost into the animal exhibit!

This year my schedule did not allow this rocker at heart to see Cheap Trick.  Past fairs I have seen Blue Oyster Cult, Styx, Theory of a Dead Man, Seether and the infamous Ted Nugent.  The concerts are one of my favorite parts of the fair (and with paid fair admission, they are free!).  The park stadium has awesome wheelchair seating with companion seating.  The view is great too!

Never touch my chippers...
Never touch my chippers…

My second favorite thing about the Wisconsin Valley Fair is the FOOD!!  My favorites are the chippers, burgers, and the root beer slushies.  I do miss the famous deep fried cheese curds that I had to give up when I started eating gluten free.  I highly recommend them!  This year I also tried a gluten free Greek Wrap this year, my stomach and I agreed that we will never try that again.

Rollin' with animals...
Rollin’ with animals…

I hit the animal barns as I do every year.  We had some difficulty getting into some of the doorways, but we managed.  The barns also can be a challenge when crowded.  The doorways and the crowds do not stop me from enjoying the animals though!  My favorite animals are the goats and they love my shoes!  I also enjoy the cows, horses, chickens and pigs.

Smooth Rollin' at The Wisconsin Valley Fair
Smooth Rollin’ at The Wisconsin Valley Fair

The main fairway is usually quite crowded.  However, this time it was a lot easier for me to roll on through than it has been in past years.  I even stopped to partake in some games.  I won a stuffed tiger while playing a game of darts.  I think they just handed me the prize for their own safety.  A man with CP throwing darts…you get the picture!  I took home my prize for Sully, my bipolar cat.

Fairway fun...
Fairway fun…

This year I had a great time with my caregiver and friend, Jamie.  She brought along her boyfriend, who provided the muscle power we needed with my van lift (now fixed) and the doorways!  Fairs are great summer activities   Good times…good friends!

Fairs are always better with friends
Fairs are always better with friends

For more information on the Wisconsin Valley Fair check out their website at http://wisconsinvalleyfair.com

Until next time…

Keep Rollin’ and Keep Smilin’!!

Photo Credit: Jamie P


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