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I found a sports bowl. Even if it is the Bulls!
I found a sports bowl. Even if it is the Bulls!

Today I went to Empty Bowls, a fund raiser for The Neighbors Place.  This event got me thinking about my own life. I consider myself to be one lucky guy.  Many may find that surprising due to my disability.  I have a fulfilling life.  There is a great deal more I want to do and am striving towards­ that.  I have been to 25 states, 2 countries and Puerto Rico.  I have had many fun experiences and have meet some pretty cool people along the way.  I have had many changes these past 5 years and some were pretty tough.  However, I learned a great deal and discovered I am a lot stronger than I had thought.

So as I look at my life now, I have my own apartment with my cat, Sully.  I have my own blog and a team of support through DWD.  My blog is growing every day and I am meeting amazing people along the way.  My health has stabilized and I have a new doctor who I really trust.  I have amazing caregivers who are more like family to me.  I have a fabulous mom and she did not even pay me to say that!  I may not have a lot of material things, but my life is filled with love and support.  One thing I never have had to worry about is having a safe place to live and food on my table.

There are people who struggle for basic needs in my community.   As I stated earlier, today I went to a fundraiser for The Neighbors Place, called Empty Bowls. It held at Wausau West High School.  Bowls were made by students and others in the community.  Tickets were sold for $10 and you could choose from a variety of handmade bowls.  You then were able to choose from a variety of delicious soups and chili. There was also silent auctions and other drawings for prizes. 

They had quite a crowd and I even got to say hi to my 3rd grade art teacher, Mr. Loftus! We found a table which I was able to fit at the end of.  My mom grabbed my soup for me as it was quite crowded.  My mom got a Chicken Curry Soup, I had a Budapest Vegetable Soup and our friend, Michelle, had a bowl of Santa Fe Chili.  The soups was ­­­­delicious and spicy!  There was a folk singer to entertain us as well!  It was really a nicely organized event!

I definitely will make this a yearly event to support those in my community who have far more greater struggles than my own.  Imagine what a beautiful world this would be if everyone got along and helped one another!  It certainly made me feel lucky and honored to do so!

If you are wondering what The Neighbors Place is and what they do,  click here is their website.  Some of the services they provide for Marathon County residents in need are: a food bank and food pantry, furniture and basic needs bank, garden, a community learning center and a neighborhood outreach.  They basically have one mission, people helping people.  They are also a non-profit organization.

One of the aspects of living in Wisconsin that I really enjoy is the hospitality and generosity, communities coming together to help each other out.  I have been on the receiving end of that, most recently a fundraiser to help me purchase a safe van.  Today I got to be on the giving end and loved being a part of that.  One of the best ways to forget your own struggles is to help others with their struggles.

Until next time, keep rollin’ and keep smilin’


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