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Buying for a disabled loved one can sometimes be challenging…no pun intended.  It actually is not as challenging as you may think.  As Black Friday is approaching, I will give you a few pointers and ideas to take on the challenge of shopping for your loved one with a disability.  My first suggestion is to avoid standing outside in the cold for hours and hours awaiting to take part in the stampede by shopping on-line.  Which can be done while eating a leftover turkey sandwich!  The hustle and bustle of Thanksgiving is tiresome enough! If you do venture out here is a Christmas gift guide for children with disabilities!

There are many websites that specifically carry items for disabled children and adults.  Anything from medical equipment (FYI…not a good gift!) to electronics, clothing and toys can be found on-line.  When shopping for a loved one with a disability, don’t forget their caregiver too!  Adults with disabilities and caregiver gift ideas will be covered in later postings!  Today I am just going to focus on the whippersnappers (my Uncle Mike’s favorite nickname for me when I was a kid).

Gifts can be found for all ages and disabilities.  The first step I would suggest is to ask what is needed and also what is wanted.  Pretty much how you would shop for any other child!  If the child you are shopping for is non-verbal or cannot communicate, of course the parents are a great resource.  Through my childhood, I received wonderful gifts but also received wonderful gifts I could not use because of my limitations.  Looking back, my favorite toy of all time was a Hulk Hogan doll that spoke every time I slammed him to the ground!  I guess this toy helped me with my gross motor skills and releasing my inner aggressions.

Adaptive Clothing can be a great gift idea.  Standard clothing doesn’t always meet the needs of children with disabilities.  Many families who have children with special needs struggle with the burden of extra expenses.  Adaptive clothing can be expensive and add to this financial burden.  Adaptive clothing is a great Christmas gift idea!

Websites for children’s adaptive clothing:

1. Adaptive Clothing Showroom   This is a nice website for clothing for children who use wheelchairs.  My suggestion would be the ponchos!  These are great for rainy days and the flannel/fleece ones are great for cold days.  Having more than one is not a bad idea.  This company also carries clothing for autistic children.  Challenging behaviors and sensory issues make clothing selections a challenge. 

2. Keeping Pace  Keeping Pace is a company that carries adaptive footwear.  This is a great gift idea for children who wear AFO’s (ankle-foot orthotics).  My mom has trouble with her wrists and shoulders after years of twisting shoes over my AFO’s, so in essence this is a gift to the caregiver too! The shoes are pretty stylish and in comparison to the price of shoes today, they are not that expensive (under $100) 

3. Specially For YouSpecially For You, Inc. carries clothing for a variety of disabilities.  What makes this company unique is that they will modify existing clothing for you as well.  This is a perfect option for the teenager with a disability on your list!  Buy the latest trends and have them modified! 

4. carries Braille Labelers.  These are great for labeling clothing for children with blindness.  Clothes labeled with Braille encourages independence in dressing! 

The above link are affiliate links.  When you make any Amazon purchase via this link, you are helping to support  There is no cost to you to do so!

Adaptive Toys

The wonderful thing about toys is that standard toys can also benefit the needs of children with disabilities.  However, it can be a challenge in picking out the right toy.  Picking out a toy that meets a need is no guarantee that it will be a score in the popularity contest.  Also safety issues need to be considered.  It can also be a struggle to find age appropriate toys for children with certain disabilities.

Websites for adaptive toys:

1. Toys R Us  Toys R Us has a wonderful website that categorizes toys based on different needs.  These categories include: fine motor, gross motor, language, self-esteem and visual.  It really helps take out the guess work!  On a side note, some Toys R Us locations are offering sensory-friendly shopping days.

2. Fat Brain Toys   Fat Brain Toys is another trusted resource for finding toys for children with disabilities.  The website separates the toys into categories as well, such as: Down Syndrome, Cerebral Palsy, Fetal Alcohol Syndrome, Visual Impairment and Learning Disabilities.  What is really cool about this website is the parent feedback provided for each toy!

3. carries a variety of adaptive toys.  If you know what you are looking for, this is a good resource.  However, Amazon does not provide the guidance through categories that the other websites provide.

The above link are affiliate links.  When you make any Amazon purchase via this link, you are helping to support  There is no cost to you to do so!

4. Toys for Children with Blindness is a blog which offers great suggestions when shopping for children with visual impairment or blindness.  The author of this site also provides website resources.

Kids can be overwhelmed with Christmas and all it has to offer.  My mom told me about a Christmas when I was about 2 12 years old.  I opened gifts with my mom and dad on Christmas Eve day.  Then was off to my grandparents’ house to open an enormous pile of gifts.  The next day I was again showered with gifts at my other grandma’s house.  It was at this point I stated firmly, “No, that’s okay I have enough”  This was much to the disappointment of the gift bearers!  To alleviate some of this stress, gift cards can be the better option for kids who have a huge pile under the tree or who easily get overwhelmed.  Another idea is “of the month” clubs, such as books.  You can even create your own “of the month club” like an “outing of the month” or “treat of the month”.  Children with disabilities are like any other kid, they LOVE when someone special spends TIME with them.

Teenagers always bring that extra special challenge!  Electronics is usually the way to go for any teenager.  Last year my mom gave me the Amazon Echo for Christmas.  I use it mostly for music, but have found it to be useful for sports information, ordering off of Amazon, listening to audiobooks and it even makes fart noises…a huge teenage hit!  There are really cool touchscreen tablets such as the Surface Pros and Lenovo Yoga.  There are tons of accessories for electronics that make life easier for a teenager with a disability. My mom recently bought me a silicone lanyard for my new phone.  It has definitely made things easier! 

Websites for adaptive electronics:

1.   Enabling Devices Enabling Devices is a great company that makes electronic devices easier to use, mostly with switches.  They also have a variety of wheelchair accessories for electronics, like iPad and tablet stands.

2. Amazon Echo and accessories are a wonderful gift for any teenager, but can be very useful for teenagers with disabilities.  This is a voice command device, so this would not be appropriate for a teenager who is non-verbal.  My speech is affected by my cerebral palsy, so there are times she does not understand me.  However, it encourages me to speak slower and clearer so she plays Korn rather than order a pizza!

The above link are affiliate links.  When you make any Amazon purchase via this link, you are helping to support  There is no cost to you to do so!

3. Come Roll With Me  Ok, time for some shameless self-promotion… A while back I did a blog on adaptive gaming equipment.  Read up on the different options for the gamer with a disability on your list!  Of course, you can throw in the latest game along with the adapted controller!

I hope this helps in your pursuit of the perfect gift for the child or teenager with a disability on your lists.  Of course, as with any gift, it truly is the thought that counts.  Most of all, I hope this Christmas season brings out the inner child in us all.  Let’s face it, kids are the true magic of the holidays! 

If you still decide to brave the lines and chaos this Friday, I wish you great deals and peace!

Until next time, Keep rollin’ and keep smiling’!!













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  1. I trust this aides in your quest for the ideal present for the youngster or adolescent with a handicap on your rundowns. Obviously, as with any blessing, it really is the prospect that matters. The greater part of all, I trust this Christmas season draws out the internal identity in all of us.

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