“Enough is enough…It is time for a change!!”

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Enough is enough…it is time for a change

— Owen Hart

When I started my blogging about 2 years ago, it was simply to try something new and different.  As I started to get more and more feedback, my mission changed.  I wanted to reach out to people to tell my story and to bring awareness about accessibility.

Tackling the world of blogging
Tackling the world of blogging

A friend suggested that I consult with DWD, Department of Workforce Development.  DWD was formerly known as DVR, Department of Vocational Resources.  My mom made an appointment for me and we met Rebecca.  She was really excited about the idea, but was not very familiar with the blogging world.  Even though the process was slow, she kept my spirits up with her support and excitement.  Recently, she assembled a team of experts in various fields.  My team has grown to 6, including the author of Fox Valley Foodie, Ben Gorges!

“It’s a bird…it’s a plane…NO! It’s Come Roll With Me!”

I have always considered myself as “just an average guy”.  To have a team, supporting me and believing in me, is overwhelming.  To be quite honest, it makes me a little nervous.  I ask myself, what if I fail?  Then I ask myself, what if I succeed?  Both of these outcomes are frightening to me!  However, if 6 team members and my current readers believe in me, I have to believe in myself.  I will try my best to make this a success.

My blog, my schedule and my daily life need to change for this chance of success.  Over the next few months, my readers will see my blog gradually evolve.  I have already made changes to my template, with positive feedback.  Ben will help me make changes to my content and my marketing.  Others on my team will help me with technology, my business plan, finances and set me up on a road to success.  Most importantly, I need my readers to give me advice and feedback along the way. 

My days of leisure are over!  Research, marketing, writing, and interviewing are going to take up most of my time.  Of course, rollin’ into the community will also be a part of my schedule, I have to have something to write about!

Thumb's up to my readers!
Thumb’s up to my readers!

I hope you all follow me on this journey to become a successful blogger.  In the wrestling world there is a term called “taking a bump”.  I am prepared to take my bumps as I grapple my way to the Main Event of blogging!  So… LET’S GET READY TO ROLL!

SUlly, my Fan Club Presicat!
SUlly, my Fan Club Presicat!
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