Amazon Prime Membership: The Perfect Gift for an Adult With a Disability

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I have been a fan and user of for shopping on-line.  I like to say that is the”Walmart” of the internet!  You can find just about anything you want or need on   Shopping on for an adult with disabilities can bring smiles to the faces of your loved ones and put a HoHoHo back into your holiday spirit!  No lines, no ill-tempered shoppers and no driving in the snow!  Simply turn on your computer, grab a cup of Egg Nog and go to town.  You don’t even need to change out of your pajamas! has opened the door of shopping on-line to millions of people.  Shopping on-line is definitely easy for individuals with disabilities. I, personally, use for multiple things: shopping, music, TV, audible books and my Amazon Echo.  A gift card to would be a wonderful gift for an adult with disabilities.   

Another idea would be to gift an Amazon Prime Membership to the adult with a disability on your Christmas list.  This membership would benefit an adult with disabilities in many ways throughout the year.  Amazon Prime Members receive many benefits and services, too many to actually list.  The cost is $99 a year and can be set up to renew automatically ever year.

The most popular reason to become a Prime Member is the large number of selected items that qualify for free 2-day shipping.  I am not always able to get out and about to make purchases.  As a result, I order a great deal from  The free 2-day shipping does not only save me money, it saves me time waiting for my package to arrive.  Many adults with disabilities do not have access to transportation, so a service like this can be the difference between having what they need and going without.

Another service included in the Amazon Prime Membership is a TV and video streaming service much like Netflix and Hulu.  There are thousands of Movies and TV shows to choose from.  As I stated before many adults with disabilities are unable to get out and about.  Sometimes TV is their main source of entertainment.  Prime TV and Prime Video can provide year round entertainment and is much cheaper than cable.  If your loved one does not have a Smart TV or DVD player, a device like the Amazon Fire Stick can convert any “dumb” TV into a Smart TV!  Some Amazon Fire Sticks also include an Alexa voice command feature!

Prime Music is another service included in the Prime membership.  I use Amazon Prime Music a lot through my Amazon Echo.  There are so many artists, songs and playlists to choose from.  Prime music can be played through a Smart TV, a smart phone, a computer or an Amazon Echo.  I use my Amazon Echo for music all the time as it is a voice command device and I can use it independently.   

If you know an adult with a disability who loves to read, Prime Members can take advantage of Prime Reading and Kindle First.  Both of these services offer free books, articles and magazine that are absolutely free to prime members.  Kindle apps on computers, tablets and smart phones have eliminated the need for a separate Kindle (although they are nice to have).  Prime members also get a free Kindle book every month!

A relatively new service for Amazon Prime Members is Prime Pantry.  Prime Pantry allows a member to shop on-line for everyday groceries and household items.  The standard size box ships for $5.99 and is received in 2 days.  There are weekly deals, money saving subscriptions and coupons that can be used to save money as well.  There are a number of popular items that can qualify the Prime member for free shipping.  I have never had to pay for shipping on my Prime Pantry order. keeps track of how much space you have left to fill the box and I have always been able to fill my box 100% without having to buy unnecessary items. 

If have an adult with a disability on your Christmas Shopping list, an Amazon Prime Membership can be the perfect gift that gives every day for the entire year.  Combine a Prime membership with an Amazon Echo for hands free entertainment and Amazon Ordering or with an Amazon Fire Stick or Kindle.  Amazon has made my life not only more enjoyable, but easier as an adult with a disability.  I use my Amazon Echo every single day, as well as my Amazon Fire Stick.  I order essential items related to my disability throughout the year, most recently a draw sheet for my bed to make turning me over safer and easier for my caregivers.  The money I save on shipping more than pays for the membership, the other benefits are just gravy!

Click on any of the above pictures to enter  Type Prime Membership into the search box to discover all it has to offer!

Have a Happy Thanksgiving!  I know I am so thankful for my readers and all the support I have received this year! 

I usually end my posts with a “Keep rollin’ and Keep Smilin” but today I will end with a Keep Rollin and Keep Gobblin’!!!

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4 thoughts on “Amazon Prime Membership: The Perfect Gift for an Adult With a Disability”

  1. Hunter & Panda Bear, you cannot even estimate the total pride, awakening and pleasure that Come Roll with Me gives me.

    The pride is obvious, the awakening, that I am being educated with each blog entry and the pleasure I get reading something that is not only enjoyable but relaxing. It is relaxing due to the glass of Dago Red that I drink when reading it.

    God bless you both and Roll, Roll, Roll!

    Gumpy Dad ?

  2. I really enjoy your blog! I have a connective tissue disorder. I am not in a wheelchair but have orthopedic problems-head to toes-and arthritis and as I get older (I’m 50) it’s getting worse. Your information is very helpful! I use Amazon too, even more since my husband died of cancer in March. Through Amazon I order dog food, kleenex, paper towels, other household items that makes it easier for me than getting it into a cart, then into and out of car into house. The UPS man puts box on porch and I can roll it end over end into house. Right now I’m healing from yet another foot injury and my driving is limited too. Amazon is great for people with disabilities! Thanks for writing such a great blog!

    1. Stephanie,
      I am so sorry for the loss of your husband. I am not familiar with connective tissue disorders, but I can only imagine the pain involved. Amazon has really been beneficial to my life and I am happy you find it beneficial as well! Thank you so much for your feedback and your supportive Comments.
      Best Wishes,

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